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15 Sep 2012

ear plugs for musicians

If you're a musician and revel in live music concerts or loud gigs, , nor wear musicians earplugs your hearing may be in peril, in line with the 2010 Binge Listening report by Australian Hearing. Only seven from ten musicians believed regular gigging was risky, now, few wear musicians earplugs. A study was undertaken with a prominent Sydney based newspaper to cross-reference the report’s conclusions with the use of an audio meter measuring volume levels over eight events at different venues.

A standard conversation measures in about 60 decibels, using the maximum acceptable noise level in the workplace for eight-hour shifts is 85dB. Through this research, across eight events, amazingly just one event stood a volume level under 100dB, which, without musicians earplugs can cause hearing damage within only Quarter-hour.

At one live music event at the Annandale Hotel from the City Lights the brink of pain was almost hit - 119 decibels. At 120 decibels, here is the level in which the loudness physically hurts your ears. Such loud music levels could cause hearing damage incredibly quickly. Often this is obvious to the listener, even without a sound meter, since they physically feel pain.

Musicians earplugs were not discovered to be employed for many gig goers, which further acts to boost their probability of sustaining permanent ear damage. Prolonged experience of such high volume levels without musicians earplugs is believed being the largest single cause for teenagers experiencing hearing difficulties prior to when expected in their life, based on the report.

Musicians earplugs are increasingly accessible and extremely efficient way of providing protection from hearing damage. Although foam plugs could be the most effective at filtering sound across all frequencies, they could often muffle sound, negatively impacting the knowledge. Filtered earplugs (or musicians earplugs) are more expensive and can supply the highest quality of sound, while bringing levels into safer ranges.

Usually of thumb, if you are not in a position to hear someone talking to you at the front, you might be vulnerable to hearing damage. Ask the gig management to make it down - or perhaps apply certain musicians earplugs.

ear plugs for musicians


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